All prices include VAT of 25%.


Payment options 

In order to offer you a safe and flexible payment method, we have chosen to let Payson AB take care of our payments. You can pay with VISA / Mastercard or pay directly from your Payson account.


Advance payment 

You can pay in advance to our bank account. After checkout, you will receive information both directly on the screen and via email on how to proceed. Do not forget to enter the order number when paying.



When paying via invoice, we cooperate with Klarna. In order to use invoice as payment, you must enter your social security number or organization number. The prerequisite for getting an invoice is, among other things, that you are registered in the public register in Sweden and are over 18 years old. You may not have any payment remarks.


All invoices from Netprylar are handled by Klarna. The invoice's payment terms are 10 days. In the case of late payment, a reminder fee will be charged with the amount permitted by law, f.n. SEK 60: - Excl. VAT, plus interest rate interest rate of 2% per month. In the event of non-payment, the invoice is handed over to inkasso.



We reserve ourselves against sell outs in the online store and at suppliers, for wrong information on the website, and delays at Posten. We do not guarantee that the pictures reflect the exact appearance of the products. A certain color difference may occur depending on camera, monitor and resolution. If you want to be 100% confident you are welcome to email us at


Order Confirmation

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email with information about your order. Always check your order confirmation so that everything looks OK, and if you are wondering about anything, contact our customer service immediately. When you contact us, please enter the order number that the question concerns. If you want to cancel or change anything in your order, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. As our deliveries take place as quickly as we can, it is unfortunately not always possible to change the order, as it may already have gone to packing and can not be stopped.

It's important that we have a correct email address for you because it is via email we contact for any delivery shortages, part deliveries, and other administrative issues.


Delivery time

After we ship, your order usually takes 1-3 days to arrive.

When paying with Payson or by invoice, the package will usually ship in 0-1 day.

When paying to our bank account, it will take 1-3 days until we can see your payment. As soon as the money has come to our account, your item will be sent, you will also receive a confirmation email when it happens.



Sweden 3€

United Kingdom 3€

France 3€

Germany 3€

Belgium 3€

Netherlands 3€

Ireland 3€


Package pickup

Unfortunately, we do not offer this opportunity. All sales are made through our webshop.


Return Policy

You have the right to return or change product within 14 days, provided the goods are returned unused and unpacked. Please check the product before opening the package. The buyer is responsible for the return, any postage fee will not be refunded. If there is a defect in the goods you ordered or if it’s the wrong product, you will of course get compensation for the return shipping.

If you choose to return the item, we will refund the product value once we have received the item. The repayment shall be made within 30 days of the return of the goods.

Please pack the product so that it is protected during transport / shipping. Please note that you as a customer are responsible for the product until it is available to us and represents any damage that occurs during the return journey. 

Please always contact us by e-mail before returning.



You can cancel your order free of charge if we have not packed your goods.


Damage to packages and unpacked packages

If you detect damage to the package, you must immediately report this to the post office or other carrier and make a report.

If you have ordered a prepayment and do not pick up your shipment before returning to us (package about 1 month, letter 14 days), we will charge you 249 SEK (25€) for our handling of the goods.


We guarantee that the goods you ordered are defective at delivery. Should you receive a defective item, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days. We are obviously responsible for shipping at wrong delivery and complaints.


In the event of a complaint, an investigation is made of the product, in some cases we may send the complaint further for investigation by the supplier. Your opinions as a customer are highly valued, so please contact us for opinions or concerns.


Unsold packages always logs IP number upon purchase. If we get back unpatched packages, we reserve the right to charge you for all the costs incurred in relation with such a return + handling fee totaling 249 SEK (25€). The invoice is shipped within 365 days from the date the uncollected package was registered with us.


Our products

Often our products are delivered without original packaging as we usually buy bulk to keep prices down. Everything is packed with care in well protected envelopes. If you want to know if a specific item is delivered with original packaging, just send us an email at